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Schooling Horses

ALL new horses undergo 1-2 weeks of initial training and assessment in the arena, both in-hand and under-saddle before venturing out into the paddock/down laneways or roads. This is for my safety and also why there is a 2 week minimum stay for all schooling horses.

Green horses

  • After Initial assessment of in-hand and under-saddle training which Is to assess the horses basic responses of "Go, Stop and Turn" the horses can then venture away from the arena and can go down the laneways/paddocks and down the quiet country roads. Once they have completed this there is also a possibility of beach rides. Further development of their flatwork and jumping can be included once the horse is at a desirable level of training and is willing both mentally and physically to continue to learn.


Dressage training

  • After initial assessment of the horses way of going and assessing what responses (If any) need a tune up, the horse can undergo some dressage training to further its capabilities in the dressage arena, this may or may not include some polework or other activities that will enhance your horses performance.


Common Training errors in dressage horses are commonly contact Issues (above or behind the bit, not accepting the contact, too light In the frame) lacking impulsion/ hurried, lack of bend etc, these issues are all easily fixed using the foundations of Equitation Science.


Jump Training

  • After initial training/assessment of the horses ability In-hand and on the flat, horses are able to undergo Jump Training for both Show Hunter and Show jumping disciplines. Teaching horses over smaller jumps the Importance of rhythm, straightness and jumping technique as well as how to jump fill including, walls, pickets, barrels, flowers etc. Once the basics are established the height of the fence can be increased.

  • Retraining problem horses such as rushing/stopping/rails Is also available once a horse has undergone initial assessment

Schooling Rates are $65 per session plus $70 per week grazing. Minimum of 10 sessions.

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