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Starting and Retraining Horses

Using the skills I have developed while completing my Diploma in Equitation Science, alongside an intensive 6 months training from Jody Hartstone. I use a new way of breaking in horses called Foundation Training which is based on the ISES 10 principles of training, that I find works on majority of horses as there is no set training plan and my principles can be tailored to each individual horse.

Giving your horse the best start in life is the most important experience for your future together.

Using Equitation Science, my aim is to ensure you have a willing partner, who has the right attitude and is a safe, enjoyable mount for many years to come, no matter the disciplines you pursue.

I approach the young horse’s education with patience and understanding. This is not a quick process and I will always take the time it takes to protect the welfare of the horse. Each horse is different so therefore the way I start them is different and the methods I use whether it be negative or positive reinforcement based depends entirely on the way your horse accepts the new challenges of starting its ridden career.

Retraining Problem horses

Based on Equitation Science methods I am able to re-train most problem horses from rearing/napping/bucking/floating etc. However there is no set time frame to doing this. To ensure the safety of myself I have a checklist of foundation responses that I need to go through and assess in-hand first before I assess their responses under-saddle. This sometimes can take a few weeks, however any short cuts in this process can really slow down ridden progress and put my safety at risk.

Foundation Training and Restarting costs $75 per session and $70 per week grazing. Minimum length of stay is 6 weeks (30 sessions) 

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