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Riding School

I have 4 Riding School Mounts available to cover most abilities (Adult beginner riders however is something I am not able to cater for, as I currently do not have a suitable horse available for this)

Nibbles: 16hh Warmblood Gelding- Competed to Level 4 Dressage- Nibbles is the perfect mount for you to get your confidence on before getting back in the saddle or purchasing your own horse, while he is not for beginners, he is super safe. He is the perfect dressage horse for you to learn dressage movements on and discover what are the right aids and how your seat and position affect a horses way of going. Nibbles also gives fantastic pole work sessions which helps riders focus on straightness and staying in a rhythm.

Nibbles Lessons are highly sought after and as he only offers 6 lessons a week there is sometimes a wait list. 

Nibbles is available for hire for camps for both children and adults.

Summer: She is 14hh and more suited to beginner lessons on the lead and lunge or for competent children who are ready to walk, trot and canter. Not suitable for nervous riders as she picks up on vibes however will teach you how to ride properly to get the best out of her. Summer is available to part lease for $160 per week which includes one lesson.

Divo: 13hh and suitable for all stages of riders, he is great with beginners but also suitable for slightly smaller children that are capable off the lead. Walk/Trot/Canters and jumps. Loves trotting poles. Divo is available to part lease for $160 a week which includes a lesson.

Wilbur: My clicker training and in-hand pony. For all of those that want to learn how to handle and train horses correctly without having to worry about size. Can also teach how to lunge properly using Wilbur. This is a great way for kids to learn how to safely work a pony under professional guidance. 

Lesson Prices on School horses are from $70 per 45 minutes- these are all private lessons.

Please email me at for any Part Lease enquiries.

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