Competition Preparation

Competing for the first time can be overwhelming! Whether it’s your first time ever, in 10 years, or maybe you’re a seasoned pro on a new mount. We’re here to help you enjoy the equestrian circuit, because that’s why we do it!


Our Competition Preparation service will support you and your mount through the initial few outings, depending on your needs.


Our services include:

  • Pre-competition turnout assistance for horse and rider

    • Competition course/test/class practise

    • Tack and outfit preparation

    • Horse presentation

  • Competition day support (if you are riding your horse)

    • E.g. dressage test calling, jump-round walking, and show class preparation

  • Competition riding

    • We can ride your horse in agreed classes to guide it through its first few outings


If you would like a little extra help to get in the swing of things, let’s make a plan to get you and your horse out and about, and having a great season!

All horses or riders that have been trained here at Maungatua Equestrian can receive help at Competitions, and I am always around to give last minute advice when warming up. 

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