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Riding should always be something you and your horse both look forward to. To achieve this you need to feel confident in your training methods as well as setting goals. Having small achievable goals is an important aspect in motivating all of us individually.  When we achieve these small goals in our training methods, we gain confidence. I am able to help with this by giving you the skills and knowledge you need to be able to make it possible to communicate with your horse clearly every step of the way in your training. I want you to know how to put your basics together in a way your horse will understand & in a way that let's you build your training & recognise that any problems you encounter can be solved by returning to the basic steps. This gives you & your horse the confidence that no ride will overwhelm you & you can happily take your training forward in whatever direction you choose.

Horse Trainer and Coach- Bec Kerr


Private Lessons

"Bec continues to boost my confidence, always pushing me just out of my comfort zone but never beyond what I can deal with. Has earned both of our trust which is not always and easy thing to do, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bec as a horse and rider training"

- Dale Allison 

I am available for coaching of any discipline for any age of keen rider on horses of any ability, whether you lack confidence or discipline or even just wanting some in sight from on the ground as to how to get a particular movement looking and feeling better and how to fine tune your riding position to make you a more effective rider.

Please refer to the riding school page for lessons on Maungatua Equestrian owned horses.

Private lessons on your horse are offered from 11am till 5.30 pm, please book in for a lesson via my booking app 

Lessons can be either :



Working Equitation 


Problem Horses/ Green Horses

Lessons are done at my property Maungatua Equestrian at 188 Loan Metal Road, Momona and are $60 for 45 minutes. Please let me know at time of booking what arena preference you want- either indoor 20mx60m or outdoor 40mx60m.

Group jumping lessons are available by booking in using my booking system above and clicking on the *Special* Group jumping lesson link, you must have a group sorted for yourself to use this lesson. 45 minutes for a group of 2 at $40 each or 1hr for groups of 3-4 riders. 4 riders is the maximum I will teach at one time and they all must be of similar capabilities.

Off site lessons within 45  minutes of here are available if demand requires, minimum of 3 lessons required at one property for traveling lessons. Cost: TBC

Clinics for Young/Green Horses, Working Equitation, Dressage Development, Equitation Science as well as Pole/Obstacle clinics are available during the season. Please keep an eye on the Maungatua Equestrian Facebook page for upcoming clinics. If enough demand clinics can be run over a weekend or holiday period   

Children's Holiday Programs and Children Camps are also run over the school holidays, please keep an eye on my facebook page for updates. 

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