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Checklist for Foundation Training

Checklist for Foundation Training

- BEFORE sending your horse to me for starting please ensure these few things are done! It saves us both time and money!

✅ Dental exam and wolf teeth removed ✅ Massage/Physio/Chiropractic work performed by a QUALIFIED therapist. If you do not have your own therapist I use Bec Scott at Mane Equine. If you have not had them seen to before arrival I highly recommend a once over before I commence any ridden work ✅ Farrier- trim or shoes to be recently done. ✅ Float loading (if nearby I can help with the training of this) ✅ If your horse is an anxious or underweight type potentially treat with a course of gastropell, something you can get from your vets under vet advice. ✅ Good weight: All horses lose a bit of weight over the duration of breaking in so it is important that the horse is of a good weight before arrival. I feed Dunstan Breed and Grow with Betabeet with Elite Equines Gastro Go.

🌟 All Horses are weighed and treated for worming and lice on arrival to ensure they have been done no matter the length of stay. Additional $50 charge

*Please understand that every horse is different and how they cope with being broken in varies on the individual horses. Some horses need a split foundation training, meaning they do 4-6 weeks of inhand and basic riding and then return 3-6 months later for "finishing" 2-4 weeks depending on the horse.

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